Monday, March 2, 2009

The start of something good!

Good afternoon friends! Wow, the Indiana weather is crisp and cold...would an early spring be too much to ask for? In an effort to help the warm weather move in this direction, at least in my mind, I've been working on a few projects! Steven and I are trying to finish our house in order to host Easter dinner for my side of the family, but my mind has completely went to seasonal decorating and trying new dishes. I should probably be more concerned that we still have rooms to plaster, paint, plumb, etc.!!! However, in these current economic times, I am finding ways to be thrifty while still being trendy! Since the decor in our home is very "country bumpkin" and utilizes a rich color scheme...I'm going to get a bit clever with my spring updates. So here are a few of my ideas:

Let the outdoors come in: Daffodils are beautiful and start to become readily available in early spring (Kroger already has some on display in their Greenville, OH store). Small planters on a windowsill or a basket filled with artificial make a home feel warm and springy! There pale yellow and sometimes white color make them an easy addition to any decor.

Country Easter Basket: Since we have no children at this time and light pastels don't fit in the color scheme of my main living space, I have to update the traditional Easter basket. By changing the liner to a neutral tone on one of my simple market baskets and adding raffia instead of plastic grass, I'm well on my way! I also have some beautiful ceramic eggs that were painted by my great-grandmother and a small, realistic looking stuffed rabbit that I will add to give the basket some charm!

Spring is in the air: I will also update the candles, air fresheners and soaps that I use throughout the house to give it a spring scent!

Well that is all I have at this time, but I am working on my creative Easter menu on a budget. Let's see how far that dollar can stretch! Until next time, take care and God Bless!

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  1. Hi Nicole! I am so glad to see you have joined us here in blogland! Congratulations on a wonderful first post! It is a great read!