Friday, May 29, 2009

A Call to Action!

As I sit here working on all things Memory Walk, I feel the need to share with everyone the importance of this organization and the real threat of Alzheimer's Disease.

~ Every 70 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer's Disease.
~ 5.3 million Americans are currently living with this disease. With the first of the baby-boomer generation turning 65 (your chances increase at this age) in 2010, this number is expected to rapidly increase.
~ Out of those 5.3 million, over 100,000 live in the great state of Indiana.

I encourage you to participate or engage yourself to help fight this cruel disease. Sign up to be an advocate, participate in Memory Walk, check out our educational programs, etc. Be the voice for those that no longer have theirs. If you live in Indiana, go to to learn more about the Greater Indiana Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. If you are in a different area, go to and enter your zipcode for more localized information. has been too long!

Wow, I did not realize that it had been nearly 2 months since I had posted anything! With work, house remodeling and general life...I honestly just let it slip my mind. Now I am back and ready to share all of my summer fun with you! I can't believe that June is just around the corner (aka MONDAY) and cookout, baseball and swimming season is coming at me full swing! Even though it can become hectic and full of outdoor adventure, I wouldn't trade it in for the world. The extra moments I get to spend with my family by the firepit or splashing around with the kids (that includes my big kid, Steven ha ha) in the pool brings about so many special memories...awwwww summer :)

Well our house is nearly complete and we are hoping to move-in within the month!!! My parents have been such a tremendous help to give of themselves and their free time to help us finish what needs to be done. Steven has been dealing with a nasty sinus infection that has kept him house bound for the last week, so he has only been able to stop-in and look at the progress every once in awhile; don't want him to relapse. If anyone has a chance, drive past the house and check out the HUGE hanging baskets that I purchased at Fountain Acres...they are gorgeous (if I do say so myself)!! Tracy has offered to assist with some landscaping while I finish up the inside work. Hmmmmmm she can soak up the sun and I can get soaked from tearing apart the kitchen sink ha ha! Be looking for updates on our last major projects for the season: finishing the stairway and hallway and remodeling the small downstairs bathroom. You won't want to miss it...Nicole learns construction from her Father and Husband as they explain to her the differences of different types of plywood.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely days we have been given and staying happy and healthy. God Bless!!!!