Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A sense of community

Through a community initiative from two local churches and the YMCA, the Randolph County Community Garden Program is starting to take shape! Our church (First Presbyterian) purchased a piece of property next to our church manse and tore down the existing structure last week to make room for our section of the community garden. We will be one of two sites at this time (the other will be located at the YMCA), and will give those within the city, especially those with limited transportation, the opportunity to participate in the program. Steven and I will be joining the church garden committee and help with the logistics of the garden. Mr. Fields has quite the green thumb and can grow a garden in the harshist conditions. In an effort to channel my 4-H roots and current involvement with the Randolph County Extension Homemakers, I am suggesting that we provide canning/preservation and cooking fresh classes to provide an additional service to the community. The other perk of the community garden is the fact that portions of the produce grown will be donated to our local food pantry. I've witnessed a fantastic outpour of support for our food pantry over the past few months in order to assist them with the growing need of food assistance. Mom and I belong to the local Curves club and we are currently trying to collect 2500 pounds of food to be donated...close to 400 pounds has been donated within the last week alone! These women are fantastic! Well, I must get focused on the task at hand and keep plugging along towards my work goals :) I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day!

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  1. I just think that the Community Garden is going to absolutely be a wonderful project! To help the food pantry is just great! Thank you for all you, Steven, and your Mom and Dad do!