Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rain drops on roses...

Oh my my, will the weather ever decide to make up its mind and stay cold or finish warming up? My wardrobe is in limbo ... I am ready to pull out the skirts and sandals, but Mother Nature thinks that I need to hold on to that sweater for one more day! I'm also ready to retire the ice scraper to the trunk :) Waking up 15 minutes earlier to scrape off the vehicles is not my favorite winter activity! However, I will miss the occasional snow days that allow me to lounge around all day in my comfy pj's!
With the warmer weather, I totally crave salads, other fresh dishes and grilled food! We cook outdoors year round, but the warmer weather gives us the opportunity to utilize it more. I love grilled peaches and pineapple with honey my mouth is watering. Since Steven and I have been looking for new dishes to try that are tasty and budget friendly, my food network viewing has increased a little bit. Last night, mom and I watched "30 Minute Meals" and can't wait to make the spinach artichoke mushroom caps. Yum-O! The caesar scampi salad looked amazing as well. So, I think I know what we will be having for dinner this weekend :) I have to help with a memorial service at the church, so a quick and easy meal will be best and I think this fits the bill.
With March nearly over (oh where did it go?), I need to start working on flowers for the cemetery. I make arrangements for family members on my Dad's side and assist my Grandma in making several for my Mom's family. I didn't know a lot of the family members that have passed, but I learn a lot about them as we work on the flowers. What an interesting way to absorb your family history! While I have the flowers out, I might as well work on my arrangement for 4-H open class. Oh yes, I still like to compete in 4-H, but now I am in the adult category.
Well I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy all of the sunshine and the last few breaths of winter. Ring-a-ling, I hear spring!!

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