Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Edible Easter Grass

On one of my occasional trips to the local Walmart, I decided to peruse the Easter candy row. Everything is divided by color and they have added some unusual items...including cherry drink mix with sour gummy worms on top, mini tubs of cotton candy and edible Easter grass. So curiosity got the best of me and I paid 2 bucks to see what this edible grass is all about! I had heard about it before, but this was the first year that our local store had carried the item. As I placed it in my mouth, I expected something sweet and satisfying, boy was I wrong! EWWWWWW! It tasted like a piece of computer paper with a grain or two of sugar for good measure. Yes, I am fairly certain that it is more environmentally friendly than its plastic cousin and obviously wouldn't hurt children or pets if ingested, but I wouldn't suggest it as the highlight of the Easter candy season. However, I think that I may purchase a few more colors and let the kids make jelly bean nests. It does seem to be durable, just not a tasty edible! Happy Tuesday :)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the edible grass info! I don't think I will try it, but the nest idea is great!