Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Journey

Wow, I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have posted any new blogs...shame on me! Well I am starting into a new journey in life and I wanted to share it will all of you :) Last evening, I had the honor to listen to the teachings of John Muncy while attending revival at our church (Voice for Christ) and it was quite the wake up call. He spoke on the changes of our culture today and the strong influence of our media, especially on our youth. He also made us stop and think about our role in the church and if we were inviting in God or something else...we need to do some cleaning. In all honesty, those 2 hours gave me a whole new perspective on a lot of areas of my life, the first being my health! Today is a brand new day and I am going to treat it as such. I have been given this life to live to the fullest, so I better start doing just that! So, here are some steps that I want to take in order to achieve my goal weight. I would like to be at goal within 18-24 months!

Nicole's Steps
1. Limit fast-food and restaurant food! I love to cook, so why not spend less money and make something at home that typically tastes so much better! Only eat at places that are really worth my splurge (yes, Waffle House is included lol). For those of you that do not know, I absolutely love the Waffle House in Englewood, OH!

2. Eat fresh! Be careful of the pre-packaged food that I eat and try to make as many things from scratch as possible.

3. Move more! Even a little bit of movement is better than nothing.

4. Build a support network. Gather friends and family that will encourage this journey, not hinder it!

5. Limit wasted media time. Check email, facebook, etc. a couple of times per day. Only watch television shows/movies that really interest me and then get up and do something else.

Okay, so there are some of my steps that I am going to work on this week. I am going to try and do a better job of blogging and updating all on my progress! Have an amazing Tuesday :)

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  1. Goodluck with this Nicole! We support and love you! In other words, if you need us we are here for you!
    Love ya!