Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Love My Hometown!

I absolutely love this time of year and the little things that make my hometown special really start to shine! The Farmer's Market on the downtown square started last weekend and they seemed to have a fairly packed group. Fresh baked goods, home grown veggies, garden decorations and the list could go on and on. We've only had this for the past couple of years and it just continues to grow! As I mentioned in the last post, we are seeing quite a bit of business really starting to boom in Winchester, as well as other places in Randolph County. Jason's Meat Market, On the Square and Sweet Sensations (open soon) are just a couple of our recent additions. Since my parent's and my brother-in-law own locally owned and operated businesses here in town, it makes me happy to see other "Mom and Pop" establishments. I would love to take the time to do a complete history on the evolution of the downtown square...all of the businesses that have come and gone, families that have been in business for generations, etc. Even in my twenty-some years, the square has almost completely changed, more than once! With the addition of the Winchester Main Street group, we have been able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of our community and build upon what we do best...mid western hospitality! The updating of some of the downtown buildings (making them business ready) has been a tremendous asset and I think that the investors in these projects should be commended for their hard work and efforts. Some no longer live here and still want to give back to their great! We may be small in number, but we are mighty in spirit. We are very well known for our school sports, coins, racing, pies, chocolate and golfing...what more could you ask for? I love being a small town girl :-) I mean, the Mayor is my facebook friend! So take the time today to see what makes your hometown special. God Bless!

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