Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Baby steps!

The first day of any change can be scary, but this was happy and exciting! Isn't it strange how we can start to transform ourselves with one tiny adjustment in our habits? That is exactly how this journey is going to move forward, small adjustments and transformations...all in baby steps! It didn't all creep up on me one day, so it sure isn't going to creep off of me overnight either (oh I wish). I guess patience truly is a virtue that I must hold on to.
Last night, I sat down and watched Biggest Loser with Steven. These contestants are power-houses with exercise energy that only most can imagine. I realize that they have very unique circumstances (no job, no family, nothing to do but work out while at the ranch), but they still show dedication at home of the finale of the show would be pretty boring. I do draw encouragement from the show, but have the where-with-all to realize that losing 20 pounds in a week isn't realistic or very healthy. I would be happy to lose that in a month!
So, what baby step should I incorporate today? More water! Yes, I am going to strive to drink the necessary amount of H2O today, so wish me luck! Water is by far not my favorite drink, but I shall learn to love it!

Have an amazing and blessed day!

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