Monday, December 7, 2009 I a little behind or what?!?

Well, I am sorry that it has been months since I have been on here to blog. Life in general has been fairly hectic, but I sincerely need this outlet for talking and sharing. Well, here is a bit of a recap from the past couple of months!!

October: My dear friend, Nicole Davis, was married the first part of the month and I was honored to be the Matron of Honor. She chose to use several shades of pink and had a very nice day. I also was ill for several weeks and spent a lot of time resting and trying to not spread my cooties to the rest of the family! The rest of the month was used for working in the house and getting things ready for fall/winter.

November: More housework being completed! New windows, paint and a finished bathroom :) Steven and I hosted my mom's side of the family for Thanksgiving, but there were very few of us there due to work and sickness. I was very happy that my brother and his wife were able to join us and even attend Tina's big 5-0 party! We rounded out November with lots of holiday decorating and I am sure it will continue even until Christmas...I love to decorate and make each room as festive as possible.

December: Well, our first "large" snowfall happened today (Dec 7th) and we received about a whole half-inch!! It looks beautiful, but the roads are slick...US 27 is kind of like an ice skating rink. We also had an outdoor water valve break, so the side of my house looks like some scary ice cave...oh what a morning!

I hope that each and every one of you are having a very blessed holiday season. Remember that there is no Christmas without CHRIST!! God Bless!

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