Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I want snow!!

I am anxiously awaiting the first major snowfall of winter, but it looks like that may not come anytime soon :( The temperatures are nice and frosty, so why not let us enjoy the sights of winter as well? I guess good things come to those that wait, so I better just wait! But you all know me, and being patient isn't always my strong suit!
This year will be the first Christmas that my dear friend Tracy will not be here to share with us. She recently moved North and we certainly will miss her cheer. I could go on for hours about our wacky holiday memories...driving in circles in Indianapolis, making crazy gingerbread houses, on and on! However, this will also be the first year that my Great-Grandma will be involved of all of the holiday cheer since she is now residing with my parents. Nothing says lovin' like a Christmas morning in our household :) My brother won't be here until after Christmas, so I think we certainly have first dibs on all of his gifts, ha ha. Just kidding!
I need to finish up a couple of cheesecakes before next week and then I am going to do a mad dash to start/finish my fudge and cookies. We are having lots of get togethers after Christmas, so it will allow me some wiggle room to catch up. My sweet husband already gave me my KitchenAid Mixer (yay), so there is no excuse for the lack of yummy baked goods :)
Well, I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas spirit and gearing up for a beautiful New Year. God Bless!

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