Monday, December 14, 2009

Is ole' man winter losing his grip?

After days of frosty temperatures, we are receiving a sneak preview of springtime weather! 50 degrees, minimal wind and a sprinkle or two of rain! I certainly love the weather, but it is reeking complete havoc on my sinuses. I am in the mood for a decent snowfall and a fluffy white has been a few years since we've had the perfect yule tide weather :) Seeing snow on the ground makes me want to bake, sip hot cocoa and sing Christmas songs until I drive my family up the wall. I'm sure these mild temps will not last long and ole' man winter will make his triumphant return!
We did celebrate Christmas on Saturday with family at my great-grandma's annual party. She will be turning 90 this year and we'll continue our holiday cheer with a celebration of her birthday this weekend. I'm in charge of making the cake (along with the hubby), so I guess I better get all of my stuff together. Half chocolate, half vanilla with wedding cake icing...mmmm, I am making myself hungry. Maybe I should make her a little cake that she can eat all by herself, just like they do for little kids. Use your hands, stick your face in it, who cares?!? Grandma Great is super and 90 years is quite the accomplishment, so whahoooo!
Steven and I will be sharing our 5th Christmas together this year (where did the time go) and spending it in our new home :) I've already broke-in the kitchen with lots of party mix baking, thanks to my brother, and soon with fudge and cookies! I found a wonderful recipe for a chocolate mint fudge that looks fantastic and just is begging to be cooked and popped into my mouth ha ha. I'm also going to try to make some fiesta wedding cake cookies for my Dad. I also want to dip pretzels and oreos, but we'll see if I still have time :)
Well I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas time!! God Bless.

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