Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Must find my inner-crafter!

After perusing through the projects at the fairgrounds over the weekend, it brought back so many fond 4-H memories. The smell of the foods project crafting in the kitchen or the living room filled with poster boards...it was always fun! I learned to wrap gifts out of unique materials and absorbed myself with the history of Wicks Pies in order to participate in the Randolph County Heritage; a project that I had also utilized for the Indiana Junior Historical Society. I'm a self-admitting procrastinator, so staying up until midnight the evening before a project due-date was not uncommon in our household!
So now I am inspired to find my inner-crafter and bring all of my supplies out of storage! Finish my scrapbook, make a floral arrangement for the living room or work on the snowman pillows that I have wanted to complete as Christmas presents...the possibilities are endless. Though, I do promise to finish painting within the house before I start taking on any major projects!
Well now it is time to get crafty with Memory Walk, so it is back to work I go :) Have a blessed day!

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