Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bring on the rain...

What happened to all of the gorgeous summer-like weather? Oh wait, I live in Indiana and the weather changes more rapidly than a car goes around the track at the Indy 500!! I'm sure my plants are enjoying the extra fluid, but my yard will be a foot tall before it is dry enough to mow. I learned my lesson the hard way by mowing my parent's lawn when it was slightly damp...lets just say the sidewalks were stained green for a day or two and my legs were too! The weatherman promotes a sun-filled weekend and I'm praying that the forcast is right.
I am eagerly awaiting a weeks long vacation and find myself counting down the days until it happens! 2.5 work days left and then I am free...but I still have a few work things to do during my down time, which will keep me motivated for my return. I had hoped to spend some lazy days in the pool, but Steven's Uncle is finishing up some block repair and it may not be warm enough to lounge in by next week. Since the kids are out of school for summer, I knew I would have some swimming buddies. Oh well, I can find plenty of other things to do to fill my time.
Well I must get myself back to work and finish up my Memory Walk corporate sponsorship...we're very close to our goal in each walk area. Yippee! Have a blessed day!

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  1. It is a rainy day for sure! I love the cooler temps though!
    I haven't even planted my garden yet! It has to be done this week! No ands buts or anything else, I must see plants in that garden in a couple of days!
    Goodluck with your goals! I know you will be successful!